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Portal Network

Portal Network is a gateway to decentralized world

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  1. 🎴🎏KAIZEN empowers users to learn, deploy, run, and manage decentralized applications utilizing languages and frameworks.

    Dockerfile 1 7

  2. 🌐🛠 Kaizen is a powerful framework combine all the blockchain technologies to help you easily develop and deploy dapps

    JavaScript 27 11

  3. A simple management tool that let user easily to set IPFS hash with the ENS Resolver

    JavaScript 8 5

  4. 🕳️🌐🔌 Portal Network Browser Extension, enables browsing IPFS website by using Ethereum Name Service and Ethereum Classic Name Service.

    JavaScript 15 5

  5. 🃏🎮A NFT(ERC721) card game build on Ethereum, Truffle, Ganache and hosting on IPFS.

    JavaScript 72 41

  6. 🕳️🌐The gateway to the decentralized world.

    Vue 3 6


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