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======== PyCscope

:Copyright: Copyright 2013 Peter Portante. See LICENSE for details. :Author: Peter Portante :Release: 1.2.1 :Date: 2013/03/16


A python script to generate a cscope index from a Python source tree. pycscope uses Python's own parser and (C)oncrete (S)yntax (T)ree to generate the index, so it is a bit more accurate than plain cscope.


:: [-D] [-R] [-S] [-V] [-f reffile] [-i srclistfile] [files ...]
-D              Dump the (C)oncrete (S)yntax (T)ree generated by the parser for each file
-R              Recurse directories for files
-S              Interpret simple strings as symbols
-V              Print version and exit
-f reffile      Use 'reffile' as cross-ref file name instead of 'cscope.out'
-i srclistfile  Use the contents of 'srclistfile' as the list of source files to scan


Copyright 2013 Peter Portante

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA


PyCscope uses Python's distutils package for installation. Use the following command to install this package::

% python install


PyCscope has the following features:

- Supports both Python 2.7 and Python 3
- Command line interface
- Output can be used by the `CscopeFinder` plugin for jEdit
- Marks for all files ending in `.py`
- Marks for all `class` definitions
- Marks for all defined functions
- Marks for function calls (algorithm is not perfect)
- Marks for end-of-function (no search uses this mark yet)
- Marks for imported modules (use the search for #include)
- Marks for symbol assignment

A mark is an indicator to the cscope utility that something of interest follows.


pycscope 0.3a and later are written and copyright Peter Portante. pycscope 0.1 - 0.3 were originally written and copyright Dean Hall.


It works well enough to generate an index file that can be used by the CscopeFinder plugin for jEdit. Other editors are not tested.

Release Notes

This is PyCscope release 1.2.1

========== ========= ====== ==================================================== Date Release Trac Changes ========== ========= ====== ==================================================== 2013/03/16 1.2.1 N/A Fix strings-as-symbols support (really).

2013/03/16 1.2 N/A Fix strings-as-symbols support; fix end of function marking; add the ability to only run the indexer; remove the threading support that was broken.

2012/10/01 1.1 N/A Fix Python3 support; enhance unit tests to run using nose, generating coverage by default; fix broken unit tests that were not properly run before the switch to nose; add contrib area containing the pyxcscope integration for (X)Emacs.

2012/09/20 1.0 N/A Call it 1.0; update to use setuptools; drop .py from installed script name; transition authorship from Dean Hall to Peter Portante.

2012/09/19 0.3e-pajp N/A Fix issues #7 and #8: we now properly handle symbols closest to the assignment itself (rather than the first one), and replace the crazy comma counting method with a more stable pattern recognition method that explicitly records which tuples should receive the assignment mark; fixed handling of import state- ments of the form, "from . import moda"

2012/09/18 0.3d-pajp N/A Implement debugging help from Issue #9: dumpCst now works on subtrees of tuples, not just lists.

2012/09/17 0.3c-pajp N/A First pass fix of Issue #6 removing errant assertion thus allowing symbol assignment marking to work as coded (if not correctly, see Issue #7).

2012/09/11 0.3b-pajp N/A Include changes from fspeech to get it working for Python 3; add proper support for yield expression following an augmented assignment; added support for filename and line numbers when assertions fire; fixed handling of commas on the left hand side of assignment statements; gracefully handle errors opening files. GitHub issues: #5

2012/04/29 0.3a-pajp N/A (NOTE: Failed to update version!) Fix handling of DOS style line endings. GitHub issues: #4

2012/04/13 0.3a-pajp N/A (NOTE: Failed to update version!) Fix handling of function definition decorators GitHub issues: #2, #3

2012/03/11 0.3a-pajp N/A (NOTE: Failed to update version!) Change references from abstract syntax tree to concrete syntax tree; fix handling of trailing commas.

2012/03/05 0.3a-pajp N/A Updated changes to support symbol assignment, enhance unit test coverage, prepare code for PyCon poster session.

2007/12/25 0.3 N/A Included changes submitted by K. Rader of Google: - Added the -i argument to specify a file-list file - Fixups to the header and footer to make a valid file that cscope can read

2006/08/12 0.2 #33 Create 0.2 release.

                  #34     Change all "pyscope" to "pycscope"

                  #29     Make error reports less vague.

                  #23     Create distutils files.

                  #20     Create unit tests.

2006/08/02 0.1 None Released to interested party by email.

                  #19     Observe newlines even without
                          NEWLINE token.

                  #18     Newlines before MARK_FILE causes

                  #16     Work on "." default directory.

                  #10     Exception: TypeError in format.

                   #8     Class mark is incorrect.

                   #6     Create project space.

========== ========= ====== ====================================================