PX-Developer is scale-out storage for containers. Run Cassandra, Jenkins, or any application in Docker, with enterprise storage functionality on commodity servers
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PX-Developer 1.0

PX-Developer (PX-Dev) is scale-out storage and data services for containers. PX-Dev itself is deployed as a container with your application stack. By running PX-Dev with your application stack, you get container-granular controls for storage persistence, capacity management, performance, and availability in a scaleout environment. Deploying the PX-Developer container on a server with Docker Engine turns that server into a scale-out storage node. Storage runs converged with compute and gives bare-metal drive performance.

PX-Dev offers container granular services such as:

  1. Data persistence in a multi node environment
  2. Synchronous data availability across multiple availability zones and automatic AZ detection
  3. Automatic tiering and class of service enforcement
  4. Bring-your-own-key Encryption
  5. Shared namespaces across containers running on different servers
  6. S3 interfaces and backup to S3
  7. Integration with schedulers to automate container placement

Please visit our offical docs site for more information

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