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Currently working as a principal software developer, leading a team focused on scaling UI practices and building platform personalization services.

export const DEV = {
  code: [Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, NO-SQL DB],
  tools: {
    frontend: [React, React-Query, TanStack Table, Storybook, CSS Modules, Styled-Components,
               Jest, Testing Library, Webpack, Module Federation],
    backend: [Node, Express, Apollo, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Mongo],
    ops: [Helm, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins],
  experience: [
    "Expertise in building single page applications with modern javascript frameworks.",
    "Implementing micro-frontends and UI practices in large organizations for UI flexibility.",
    "Microservices and Monolithic architectures: Designing scalable systems.",
    "Domain-Driven API Design, serverless architectures, Monolith to Microservices transitions.",
    "Containerization and orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes.",

Speaking Notes

Cool but aging projects

Blog Posts

For many years I maintained, it started at the height of jQuery and was a great way to share my adventures. I have kept a few of my favorite posts here.

About my open source projects

Once upon a time, I was a very active open source contributor. While I am proud of my contributions, these projects are older and do not use modern best practices.

The latest open source project I made was never completed (already 3 years ago), Inker2, a small service for email delivery built in Typescript.

I also created and maintained for a couple of years one of the most popular jQuery form validation library; it was launched on Google Code in 2011.

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