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@@ -67,13 +67,14 @@ features. Below, the following are currently covered by the web interface.
/thumb/<short_id> - GET thumbnail of item
Thanks to [cmur2]( for his feature-rich
-[CLI]( and help to build this service!
+[CLI]( (with HTTPS support!) and help to
+build this service!
## Clients
If you are working on a API or Client for CloudApp, please consider a configurable
service url. That makes the hosts file hack unnecessary and as a side effect you
-can use HTTPS for all connections (feature is still `master`).
+can use HTTPS for all connections (feature is still in master).
### working
@@ -82,7 +83,7 @@ can use HTTPS for all connections (feature is still `master`).
- [BlueNube]( – 1,99$ iPad client
- [Stratus]( – CloudApp Client for iOS (iPhone/iPad); add `` to /etc/hosts as well.
- [cloudapp-cli]( – commandline tool
-- [JCloudApp]( – cross-platform widget in Java
+- [JCloudApp]( – cross-platform widget in Java (supports HTTPS with regenwolken!)
- [gloudapp]( – linux+GTK-based client
### failing clients

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