An import river similar to the elasticsearch mysql river
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This is a fork of the Elasticsearch-HBase-River. It was tested using elastic search aad544d296759d4266f5764bc547012a3a1ba67d (0.94-SNAPSHOT). This one is slightly different in that it uses replication feature already in HBase. The plugin updates HBase's zookeeper cluster to direct HBase to send WAL edits to the elastic search plugin. It is currently not in production and doesn't support deletes, and updates.


To build the plugin you need to have maven installed. With that in mind simply check out the project and run "mvn package" in the project directory. The plugin should then be available under target/release as a .zip file.


For the elastic search directory run ./bin/plugin -i elasticsearch-river-hbase -u file:///[path to plugin zip file] The plugin needs to be installed on all nodes of the ES cluster.

for more info on plugins check out


Check out the examples directory. It contains an script, which is used to initialize the hbase river with all necessary config data. It also contains example_hbase_setup. These commands when run from the hbase shell will tell hbase to start replication.

More info on how to use rivers can be found here: