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Osteria 0.09 — secure point-to-point messenger

This project offers an example code in fields of network programming using Berkeley sockets, GUI programming using GTK+ and applied cryptography programming using TweetNaCl. Licence: BSD 2-clause with public domain parts.


  • direct point-to-point connection of two users via global or local network
  • all user messages are protected by strong cryptographic functions written by well-known professionals
  • perfect forward secrecy property of conversations
  • protocol allows protection against man-in-the-middle attack by comparsion of hashes of keys and/or by master key exchange via secure channel (e.g. via USB flash drives on offline meeting), against replay attack and partially against concealment of messages
  • handy and simple GUI
  • supports both IPv4 and IPv6


  • GNU/Linux (tested)
  • other *nix and Windows (not tested; porting should be easy because code for that platforms is already included in sources)


GTK+ >= 3.10

On *nix it means libgtk-3-0 libgtk-3-bin libgtk-3-common libgtk-3-dev packages.

Posts about it in Russian

  1. О выборе криптографической библиотеки.
  2. О разработанном криптографическом протоколе.


  • file sending is just a must-have feature


Developer: Zuboff Ivan // anotherdiskmag on gooooooogle mail

Testing, ideas: Yelmanov Andrew, Danilenko Egor