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This document describes the compilation of pgAgent, a job scheduler for 

pgAgent is managed using pgAdmin (http://www.pgadmin.org). The pgAdmin 
documentation contains details of the setup and use of pgAgent with your
PostgreSQL system. The latest build of the documentation can be found at

Building pgAgent

You will need:

- A C/C++ compiler, such as GCC or Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows.
- CMake 2.6 (from www.cmake.org)
- A wxWidgets 2.8.x installation, configured per the requirements for
- A PostgreSQL 8.3 or higher installation

1) Unpack the pgAgent source code
2) Create a build directory in which the code will be built.
3) Run ccmake from the build directory (on Windows, use the CMake graphical
   interface). By default, ccmake will generate Unix Makefiles - consult the 
   documentation if you wish to generate other types of output:

$ ccmake /path/to/pgagent

4) If required, press 'c' to generate a default configuration:

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE                 Release
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX             /usr/local
CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT                /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk
PostgreSQL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE     /usr/local/pgsql/bin/pg_config
wxWidgets_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE      /usr/local/bin/wx-config
wxWidgets_USE_DEBUG              OFF
wxWidgets_USE_STATIC             ON
wxWidgets_USE_UNICODE            ON
wxWidgets_wxrc_EXECUTABLE        /usr/bin/wxrc

5) Use the ccmake interface to adjust any settings as required. When configured
   as required, press 'c' to re-configure (if required) and 'g' to generate the 
   build files and exit.
6) Run 'make' to build pgAgent on Mac or Unix, or open the generated project
   files in VC++ on Windows and build the solution in the desired configuration.