An easy-to-use web framework for haXe.
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haXigniter v0.92

Welcome to haXigniter! The easy-to-use web framework for haXe.

Home page

Quick start

Really quick start
If you're an experienced programmer, have haXe installed and know web server 
configuration, here's a really quick start.

1. Start a prompt and install haXigniter with "haxelib install haxigniter".

2. Create an empty directory somewhere and execute "haxelib run haxigniter init"
there. This will create a project with skeleton files.

3. In the project directory, you can now use "ignite" as a command instead of
"haxelib run ...". Enter "ignite build" to build the default project for PHP.
See for more build info.

4. If no errors, you now have a haXigniter-app in the "www" directory. Copy 
the contents of "www" to the root of a web server directory.

5. Browse to the web server. If everything worked, you will see the start page.
Now you're ready to take the guided tour:

6. If you can't take the tour, the first thing you should do is to check out the 
file "src/config/Config.hx" to see what you can configure, especially the 
"development" setting. Everything is set up to just work for most systems, so 
hopefully you don't have to change anything. The next thing to do is to look at 
the files in "src/controllers" for an explanation how to call the controllers.

Good luck, and thanks for your interest! If you're using FlashDevelop, there is
a project file included for your convenience: "myapp.hxproj".

For help, questions, comments or contributions, the official mailing list for 
haXigniter is here:

Join the list and welcome to the community!

If your query is more private, mail me at haxigniter AT gmail DOT com. Looking 
forward talking to you!