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Lorem Ipsum Generator Generator

Postlight's Lorem Ipsum Generator Generator creates a lorem ipsum generator site from any content on the web using Mercury Parser. Read all about it in this handy introduction.

Before you install

  1. Install node.
  2. Create a Netlify account.
  3. Gather one or more URLs to use as the corpus for your lorem ipsum generator.


$ npx @postlight/lorem-ipsum-generator-generator

and follow the prompts.


$ npx @postlight/lorem-ipsum-generator-generator \ \ \
  --project-name "My Ipsum" \
  --logo \
  --background \
  --accent "#facade"

The generator will create a folder for your project, install the necessary node packages, and kick off netlify-cli to deploy it to the web. The first time you use the generator, you'll be asked to authorize it to connect to your Netlify account.

If you're not connecting it to an existing Netlify site, choose Create & configure a new site, and feel free to accept the defaults for the rest of the propmpts (everything can be changed later in Netlify's site settings pages).

Once the deploy succeeds, your new lorem ipsum generator will open in your default browser. Enjoy!

Hit the endpoint directly

Your generator is powered by a function that accepts GET requests at https://[your site id]

It accepts URL parameters for the number of paragraphs:

...or the number of words to return in a single paragraph:

and returns a JSON object with an array of paragraphs under the key paragraphs.


Feel free to customize your site and re-deploy it at will. All the styles and behavior live in your site directory's index.html, including some social meta tags you can update if you wire up your site to a domain name.

The Netlify function that generates the lorem ipsum text is created in the functions/generate folder. It's small and easy to change, if you want different defaults!

To re-deploy after your customizations, run npm run deploy.


Licensed under either of the below, at your preference:


For details on how to contribute, see

Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above without any additional terms or conditions.

πŸ”¬ A Labs project from your friends at Postlight. Happy coding!


🎰 Generate a lorem ipsum generator site using Mercury Web Parser





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