Helper extension for the Postman packaged app. Also helps send restricted headers.
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Postman Interceptor

Postman Interceptor is helper extension for the Postman packaged app.

It allows you to

  1. Use browser cookies
  2. Use all headers (even the ones restricted by XHR) like User-Agent, Content-Type etc.
  3. Capture requests and send them to Postman!

Here are a few relevant blog posts on the Postman blog to help you get started with Interceptor.

Installing the extension from Chrome WebStore

Open the Postman Interceptor on WebStore using Google Chrome browser and click on the "Add to Chrome" button to begin installation.

Build Extension from Source

  1. Install the grunt tasks
npm install;
  1. Run Grunt
  1. For misc. grunt tasks, look at grunt.js

Testing the build

Tests are written in Jasmine and can be run using the SpecRunner.html.