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queueBindOk with multiple bind operations #99

davidfooks opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Currently, there is no way to find out if a specific binding has completed with 'queueBindOk'. For example:

queue.bind('followers', '1');
queue.bind('followers', '2');
queue.on('queueBindOk', function queueBoundFn()

How can I tell which binding was successfully bound?

Can the queueBindOk callback function give the exchangeName and routingKey that was bound?

queue.on('queueBindOk', function queueBoundFn(exchangeName, routingKey)

Or maybe add an addCallback function like with subscribe?




Ok I had a look in master and it looks like you have something along these lines (added an optional callback to bind). How long will it be until the next release (or how stable is master)?


It looks like the added code doesn't actually solve the problem.

There is only a single _bindCallback variable, so the second bind() will overwrite the first bind()'s callback.


Is this a restriction of AMQP or just this library implementation?


I'm not very familiar with the AMQP protocol, but it doesn't look like queue.bind-ok has any parameters.

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