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Arduino N64 Controller Library

Based on the work in here comes a comfortable library for usage with e.g. Arduino Uno. For NES there is already . This library uses inline assembly and controllers can be attached to PIN 0 up to 13. But be aware that it's not written in best way possible. Place the folder N64Controller into your folder 'libraries'.

I used it in combination with TVout ( ) and EEPROM ( ) for highscore I modified an existing Tetris port which itself uses Simple Tetris Clone under MIT license to be using this library here and the result is quite nice:

Example code for library usage

#include <N64Controller.h>

N64Controller player1 (12); // this controller for player one is on PIN 12

void setup() {
    player1.begin(); // Initialisation

void loop() {
    player1.update(); // read key state
    if (player1.button_A() && player1.button_D_down()
        || player1.button_Start()) { // has no deeper meaning ;)
        int xachse = player1.axis_x(); // can be negative oder positive
                                   // regarding to orientation of the analog stick


To use, hook up the following to the Arduino: Digital I/O 2: N64 serial line All appropriate grounding and power lines, i.e. GND to left N64 controller PIN, Dig.PIN2 to middle Serial/Signal, 3.3V to right N64 PIN

  / O    O     O \
 | GND Signl 3.3V |

Maybe: connect PIN X with external 1K pull-up resistor to the 3.3V rail Default and fallback PIN is 2


  • Gamecube controller to Nintendo 64 adapter by Andrew Brown
  • Rewritten for N64 to HID by Peter Den Hartog
  • Modified to be a library with selectable pins by Kai Lüke