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The Pothos Homebrew tap

This tap hosts Homebrew formulas for Pothos, SoapySDR, and many hardware support modules.


  • XCode command line tools (clang, gcc, g++)
  • Install Homebrew:

Add the taps

brew tap pothosware/homebrew-pothos
brew tap dholm/homebrew-sdr #other sdr apps
brew update

Install software

#install pothos framework, toolkits, and GUI
brew install pothosaudio
brew install pothosblocks
brew install pothoscomms
brew install pothossoapy
brew install pothosflow
brew install pothosplotters
brew install pothoswidgets
brew install pothospython

#create a GUI shortcut in ~/Applications
ln -sf /usr/local/opt/pothosflow/ ~/Applications/

#install SDR hardware support as needed
brew install soapyremote
brew install soapyaudio
brew install soapyrtlsdr
brew install soapyhackrf
brew install soapybladerf
brew install soapyairspy
brew install soapyairspyhf
brew install soapyosmo
brew install soapyuhd
brew install soapyredpitaya
brew install soapyiris
brew install limesuite

Python2 support

Python3 support is the default: However, both software frameworks support Python2 bindings by building with --with-python2. SoapySDR will can both python2.7 and python3 bindings with this option. However, PothosPython will only build either python2.7 or python3 (but not both). Because we link into libpython, simultaneous bindings will cause symbol conflicts.

brew install soapysdr --with-python2
brew install pothospython --with-python2

Uninstall software

Sometimes its necessary to uninstall everything and reinstall from scratch. Use the following commands to purge soapysdr and pothos packages:

brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies --force soapysdr pothos
brew missing | cut -f1 -d: | xargs brew remove --force
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