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:koala: - PouchDB is a pocket-sized database.
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(#3865) - temporarily add uptodate event back in

I'd like to do a patch/minor release before the
major release, so let's put the `uptodate` event
back in, before we remove it for 4.0.0.

Unfortunately it appears there aren't (and weren't) any
tests for `uptodate`, but you can compare this
to an older version to see that this is where we were
emitting it:
latest commit 91e668e6db
@nolanlawson nolanlawson authored daleharvey committed

PouchDB - The Javascript Database that Syncs

Build Status

PouchDB was written to help web developers build applications that work as well offline as well as they do online, applications save data locally so the user can use all the features of an app even while offline and synchronise the data between clients so they have up to date data wherever they go.

PouchDB is a free open source project, written in Javascript by these wonderful contributors and inspired by Apache CouchDB.

Using PouchDB

To get started using PouchDB check out our Documentation and the API Documentation.


If you want to get involved then check out the contributing guide


var db = new PouchDB('dbname');

 _id: '',
 name: 'David',
 age: 68

db.changes().on('change', function() {
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