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Add-PSSnapIn VeeamPSSnapIn
# Thanks to Tom Sightler for these lines!
$parentpid = (Get-WmiObject Win32_Process -Filter "processid='$pid'").parentprocessid.ToString()
$parentcmd = (Get-WmiObject Win32_Process -Filter "processid='$parentpid'").CommandLine
$job = Get-VBRJob | ?{$parentcmd -like "*"+$_.Id.ToString()+"*"}
if (-Not $job) {
Write-Host "Could not find backup job."
Exit 2
$backup = Get-VBRBackup -Name $job.Name
$target = $backup.DirPath
$options = $job.GetOptions()
$restore_points = $options.GenerationPolicy.SimpleRetentionRestorePoints
$files = (Get-ChildItem $target |Where-Object { $_.Name -match ".vbk" -or $_.Name -match ".vib" })
$files_count = $files.Count
if ($files_count -ge $restore_points) {
$new_directory = "Archive_" + $job.TargetFile
$new_directory = $job.TargetDir+"\"+$new_directory
Try {
# Create the archive path if it does not exist
if (-Not (Test-Path -Path $new_directory)) {
Write-Host ("Creating directory {0}" -f $new_directory)
New-Item $new_directory -Type Directory
# Create list of existing files before moving anything - to be used for cleaning up afterwards
$target_files = (Get-ChildItem $new_directory |Where-Object { $_.Name -match ".vbk" -or $_.Name -match ".vib" })
# Move new files
foreach ($file in ($backup.GetStorages())) {
Write-Host ("Moving file {0}" -f $file.FilePath)
Move-Item $file.FilePath $new_directory
# Move the VBM file
Move-Item ("{0}\{1}" -f $target, $backup.MetaFileName) $new_directory -Force
} Catch [System.Exception] {
"An error occured!"
Exit 2
} Finally {
# Clean up the original directory to trigger the new active full
Write-Host ("Removing the empty folder {0}" -f $target)
Remove-Item -Path $target -Recurse
# DeleteOldChain will only preserve the new copied chain
# Everything else will be deleted
if ($DeleteOldChain -eq $true) {
foreach ($f in $target_files) {
Write-Host ("Removing old chain files: {$0}" -f $f.Name)
Remove-Item $f.FullName
# DeleteIncremental will remove incremental restore points from previous backup chains
# basically GFS style.
if ($DeleteIncremental -eq $true) {
foreach ($f in $target_files) {
if ($f.Name -match ".vib") {
Write-Host ("Removing incremental: {$0}" -f $f.Name)
Remove-Item $f.FullName
# Next version - update VBM file to include all full backups.