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Power Home Remodeling

Hi there đź‘‹

Thanks for checking out Power's work on Github.

If you're interested in our public open source work, you'll find it here and details of our thoughts about open-source in our OSS guide.

If you're interested in our private proprietary work, you should definitely come join us - we have all kinds of different challenges available for you.


  1. cobra_commander cobra_commander Public

    Tools for working with Component Based Rails Apps

    Ruby 14 1

  2. playbook playbook Public

    Playbook Design System

    JavaScript 22 13

  3. consent consent Public archive

    DSL for constructing CanCanCan Abilities

    Ruby 6 3

  4. oss-guide oss-guide Public

    Forked from yahoo/oss-guide

    Power Open Source Guide

    Ruby 1 2

  5. power-tools power-tools Public

    Ruby 6 2


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