Power Tab Editor 2.0, Here at last!

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Power Tab Editor 2.0

PTE2.0 is the long-overdue sequel to the famous Power Tab Editor, which, while useful, had a list of quirky bugs that remained uncorrected as the original author ceased development and the source code was never released. Born out of the irritation of dated software as well as a conspicuous lack of solid drum support, PTE2.0 begins anew. Written from scratch, it is cross-platform and compatible with PTE1.7 and Guitar Pro. And it's not just freeware, it's open-source. Never again will your tabbing platform be mired in the realm of proprietary purgatory!

Getting Started
  • You can get the latest releases from our downloads page. For Ubuntu users, a PPA is also available.
  • You can report bugs or suggest features on our issue tracker.
  • Developer? Check out the README for instructions on compiling the code.
New Features

New features implemented into the program so far include:

  • Cross platform - Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Tabbed layout for opening multiple files at the same time
  • Mixer interface for adjusting volumes during playback
  • MIDI instruments can be changed at a Guitar In (now called a Player Change).
  • Complete customization of keyboard shortcuts
  • Unlimited number of staves per system
  • Importing of Guitar Pro tabs
  • Nested irregular groups
  • No more 7 instrument limit
  • Support for 8-string guitars
  • A speed adjuster to slow down or speed up MIDI playback.
  • Configurable default instrument type/string arrangement when opening new files.
  • New file format (.pt2) which is a JSON file that is compressed with gzip (much easier for other applications to import)
Changes in Behaviour
  • When importing v1.7 files, the bass score is merged into the guitar score (there is only a single score).
To Do
  • Handle musical directions when merging in the bass score
  • Show/Hide various combinations of players/staves (e.g. show only the bass, or view only the rhythm guitars)
  • Show/Hide the tab staff or the standard notation staff
  • Improve the UI (perhaps add some toolbars, etc)
  • Volume Swells
  • Rhythm Slashes
  • Fade In/Out
  • Rit./Accel.
  • Floating text
  • Tremolo bars
  • Font settings
  • Chord Diagrams
  • All bugs and feature requests
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