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Register Youtube plays on Mautic

Download Wordpress Plugin

You can download the latest version o Mautic Youtube Logger Plugin here:

Download Plugin

Install on the same way you install any Wordpress plugin ;)

Using the Shortcode

This plugin provides a simple shortcode where you pass 3 parameters:

-videoId: The youtube Video ID.

So the ID is NpEaa2P7qZI on this URL:

-mauticUrl: Full URL of your mautic

-height: Height in pixels of Youtube Player

So you can use this shortcode:

[mautic_youtube videoId="NpEaa2P7qZI" mauticUrl=""]

The height params is optional with "500px" default value.

How it Works

This script tracks youtube plays and logs to Mautic Pixel Tracking with:

  • Video ID
  • Video URL
  • Video Title

Also add a tag with videoID suffixed with "_end" if lead watch entire video:

youtube_NpEaa2P7qZI for who watched NpEaa2P7qZI video

youtube_NpEaa2P7qZI_end for who watched NpEaa2P7qZI until end

See Mautic Lead Timeline entry