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Library with nodes for Node-RED to use Microsoft Azure services
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Microsoft Azure nodes for Node-RED

This project provides a set of nodes for Node-RED that makes it easy to interact with Microsoft Azure Services.


The official documentation is available in the related Wiki pages.

Current version supports the following Microsoft Azure Services.

Service Bus

  1. Sending and receiving messages to/from a queue;
  2. Sending messages to a topic and receiving messages from subscription;


The library is based on official Microsoft Azure SDK for Node.js. You need to install this SDK to work with Azure-Nodes. The simple way to do it is use Node Package Manager (NPM) and install ["azure" module] (

After this, you can copy library files (*.js and *.html) under "nodes" folder of Node-RED installation.


Azure-Nodes is a creation of Paolo Patierno

Copyright and license

Copyright 2014 Paolo Patierno under the Apache 2.0 license.

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