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Groovy Support of openEHR Operational Templates for CaboLabs Grails/Java projects, with advanced command line tools.

This will be used in CaboLabs apps like EHRGen, EHRServer, EMRApp and XML Rule Engine.


Generate UI for data input

opt uigen path_to_opt dest_folder

Generate XML instances with random data

opt ingen path_to_opt dest_folder [amount] [version|composition|version_committer|tagged]

  1. amount: defines how many XML instances will be generated
  2. version: generates an instance of a VERSION object
  3. composition: generates an instance of a COMPOSITION object
  4. version_committer: generates an instance with the format required by the EHRCommitter to generate the UI and load data to test the EHRServer.
  5. tagged: generates a version instance with tags instead of data, useful to inject data from your app to commit to the EHRServer

Validate XML instances

Validate one instance:

opt inval path_to_xml_instance

Validate all instances in folder:

opt inval path_to_folder_with_xml_instances

Requires Java 8 and Groovy 2.5.5+

Note: check the files to see if the correct path to the groovy dependencies on your machine is set there.

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