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Theme configurations consist of two parts: menu and customize:



Menus give you direct access to the archive, categories, custom pages, etc. You can create a menu simply by adding menu name and link address to the menu configuration section:

    Home: .
    Archives: archives
+   GitHub:

You can use both absolute addresses and relative addresses.

If you want enable the Categories and Tags for your blog, please copy _source/categories and _source/tags folder to sources folder under your site's root folder, and then add menu to your _config.yml.

    Home: .
    Archives: archives
+   Categories: categories
+   Tags: tags


Customize configurations control the general appearance of your theme.


You can replace the default logo with custom images. The width and height options define the size of the logo(in pixels), and url is the logo image file address. You can also hide the logo using enabled: false

    enabled: true
    width: 165
    height: 60
    url: images/logo-header.png

Don't add units to width and height, these options only support pure numbers.

Please reserve width, height and url settings even when enabled is false.



Profile bar is the place to show a brief personal introduction of yours.

    enabled: true
    avatar: css/images/avatar.png
    author: PPOffice
    author_title: Web Developer & Designer
    location: Harbin, China

enabled: whether to show profile bar, options: true, false

avatar: path to your avatar image

gavatar: enter your Gravatar email address to enable Gavatar, this will override your avatar configuration

author: blogger name

author_title: a custom title

location: a custom location

follow: path to your homepage or something like that



Icarus supports more than 60 code highlight themes imported from Highlight.js. You can go to icarus/source/css/_highlight folder to see available options.

- highlight: androidstudio
+ highlight: tomorrow


Change position of the sidebar. Available options are left and right.

sidebar: left


Whether to enable thumbnail feature for each post. Available options are true and false.

thumbnail: true

How to add a thumbnail to a post?

You can set your own thumbnail image by adding banner or thumbnail option in your post's front-matter:

title: Hello World
date: 2013/7/13 20:46:25
+ thumbnail:


Add a favicon for your site.

favicon: favicon.png

Social Links

Social Links

Show social links at the bottom of your profile bar. Add link name and link address in the social_links configuration and an FontAwesome icon will be picked for you. Available social link options are listed here.

+   youtube:

Social links with empty link addresses will be omitted, so make sure you don't leave the addresses empty.

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