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Get the rocks out of your socks! Assemble makes you fast at web development! Used by thousands of projects for rapid prototyping, themes, scaffolds, boilerplates, e-books, UI components, API documentation, blogs, building websites/static site generator, an alternative to Jekyll for gh-pages and more! Gulp- and grunt-friendly.

  • Updated Jun 16, 2019
  • CSS
mre commented Oct 13, 2020

People are interested in a size-comparison between

  • tinysearch
  • lunr.js
  • elasticlunr
  • flexsearch
  • fuse.js

If anyone wants to do a comparison, post a comment here.
Some ideas:

  • Use an open dataset, e.g. Shakespeare texts
  • Create a size histogram of the results that we can include into the README.
  • Add the code to the repository under a `b

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