CLI Tool for managing vmail databases
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CLI Tool for managing vmail databases

vmail-admin is a command line tool for managing a mail-server database based on the great HowTo (german version) from Thomas Leister written in Bash.


Make sure you have a working setup as described in the tutorial as vmail-admin relies on the described database scheme (MySQL or MariaDB).

Further, as vmail-admin is written in Bash, you should have bash installed.


  • Download from github.
  • Make it executable with "chmod +x".
  • Run it with "./".


You can change the parameters for the script under Definitions in the script. Start the script with:


Note that you also can initialize the database with this tool.


Menu items are:

  1. User Management
    1. Add user
    2. Delete user
    3. Change user password
    4. Change user quota
    5. Back to main menu
  2. Domain Management
    1. Add Domain
    2. Delete Domain
    3. Show users for domain
    4. Show all domains
    5. Back to main menu
  3. Aliases Management
    1. Add alias
    2. Delete alias
    3. Show aliases for domain
    4. Show all aliases
    5. Back to main menu
  4. Database Management
    1. Export database as sql.gz
    2. Import database from sql.gz
    3. Delete database
    4. Initialize database
    5. Back to main menu
  5. Exit

How to contribute

Create new issues if you find bugs or want to add new features. Pull requests are very welcome.


Copyright (C) 2018 by Patrick Prugger