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import urllib2
import re
from datetime import datetime
# load a JSON library
import simplejson as json
import json
raise JSONLibraryException
# to give good errors
class JSONLibraryException(Exception):
"""Exception raised with no JSON library can be found."""
class CountryCodes(object):
def __init__(self):
# load defaults
from countriesbase import countries, lastupdate
self.countries = countries
self.lastupdate = lastupdate
self.checked_for_updates = False
self.updated_countries = False
self.get_new_countries = False
self.last_update_uri = ""
self.last_update_regex_pattern = ".*?<p>.*?Last update: (.*?)<\/p>.*?"
self.last_update_date_format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
self.countries_uri = ""
def get_countries(self):
return self.countries
def set_countries(self, countries):
# also update
self.countries = countries
def get_last_update(self):
return self.lastupdate
def set_last_pdate(self, lastupdate):
# also update
self.lastupdate = lastupdate
def find_last_update(self):
"""This is an ugly, hacky way to see when the remote database has last been updated."""
# some caching... if we've already checked, assume we have the latest
if (self.checked_for_updates):
return self.get_last_update()
html = urllib2.urlopen(self.last_update_uri).read()
reg = re.compile(self.last_update_regex_pattern, re.I)
dt =
d = datetime.strptime(dt, self.last_update_date_format)
self.checked_for_updates = True
return d
def are_newer_countries(self):
remoteDate = self.find_last_update()
areNewer = (remoteDate > self.get_last_update())
# if we've found a newer version, update our local timestamp
if areNewer:
self.get_new_countries = True
return areNewer
def update_countries(self):
# only bother if we don't have the latest
if (self.checked_for_updates == True and self.get_new_countries == True and self.updated_countries == False):
jsonData = urllib2.urlopen(self.countries_uri).read()
countries = json.loads(jsonData)
self.updated_countries = True
self.updated_countries = False
def update(self):
if self.are_newer_countries():
def get_country_name(self, code):
# there's got to be a more elegant way to do this
for item in self.get_countries():
if item['code'] == code:
return item['name']
# return None if we've go through the whole list and haven't found the code passed
return None
def get_country_code(self, name):
# there's got to be a more elegant way to do this
for item in self.get_countries():
# does an exact string match!
if item['name'] == name:
return item['code']
# return None if we've go through the whole list and haven't found the name passed
return None
def get_country_code_list(self):
codes = []
for item in self.get_countries():
return codes
def get_country_name_list(self):
names = []
for item in self.get_countries():
return names
def get_html_list(self, **kwargs):
html = "<select"
for key in kwargs:
html += " %(key)s=\"%(value)s\"" % {'key': key, 'value': kwargs[key]}
html += ">\n"
# loop could be more elegent?
for item in self.get_countries():
html += "\t<option value=\"%(code)s\">%(name)s</option>\n" % {'code': item['code'], 'name': item['name']}
html += "</option>\n"
return html
def test(self):
new = self.are_newer_countries()
print "Are newer countries: %s" % new
print "Are countries updated: %s" % self.updated_countries