Package Config(!) for Raw SGX Graphics SDK
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Contains set of pc files that enable SGX binaries to be used with autoconf based systems and takes the pain out of cross-compilation. Validated with Qt4, Qt5, and other packages with 4.09 and later Graphics SDKs.

- Package-names = sgx-gles2, sgx-null-egl

- Shell script to install this additional pc info to target filesystem. This installs the necessary package information so that pkg-config does find SGX libraries and include paths easily (no more -L and -I)  


- Execute with right arguments

- Modify x86-cross-pkg-config with right paths to suit the currently installed SDK and filesystems

- Set environment parameter for PKG_CONFIG as below

export PKG_CONFIG=/home/prabindh/work1/arm-qt5-5.2a-gst/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.2.0-alpha/qtbase/x86-cross-pkg-config

- Perform autoconfig foo as usual
(last updated 2014)