Processing application to process and display X/Y coordinates from an Arduino connected to a touch screen
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Touch Control Panel Display

Copyright 2009 Jonathan Oxer
Copyright 2009 Hugh Blemings

| This project is featured in the book "Practical Arduino" by         |
| Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings (Apress, 2009). More information    |
| about the book and this project is available at:                    |
|                                                                     |
|               |

NOTE: This is NOT an Arduino program! It's a Processing program which
is very similar to Arduino but designed to run on the host computer.

This program displays a virtual control panel and listens on a serial
port for X/Y coordinate values being reported to it by an Arduino with
a Nintendo DS touchscreen or other resistive touchscreen connected.
When regions on the touchscreen are pressed this program alters the
display to show the status of the virtual buttons.

A slide area is also defined, allowing a level such as volume,
temperature, or light level to be set by touching a sliding scale.