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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Chatbots, Python, Node JS Development

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  1. dialogflow-webhook-response-libary-in-python dialogflow-webhook-response-libary-in-python Public

    This library simplifies the JSON response building in Python for Dialogflow.

    Python 58 33

  2. spellcheck-using-dictionary-in-python spellcheck-using-dictionary-in-python Public

    SpellCheck is a spelling checking and correction module in Python built using Fuzzywuzzy string matching module.

    Python 18 15

  3. telegram-bot-python telegram-bot-python Public

    Create Telegram Bot Using Python Tutorial with Examples

    Python 14 17

  4. dialogflow-response-library-implementation-python-django dialogflow-response-library-implementation-python-django Public

    This repository is to demonstrate the implementation of our Dialogflow response library in Python and Django

    Python 8 3

  5. speech-recognition-python speech-recognition-python Public

    Speech Recognition - Speech to Text in Python using Google API, Wit.AI, IBM, CMUSphinx

    Python 6 4

  6. WhatsApp-bot-python-twilio WhatsApp-bot-python-twilio Public

    Create WhatsApp Bot with Twilio Using Python Tutorial with Examples

    Python 3 2


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