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from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch, exceptions
import os
import time
from flask import Flask, jsonify, request, render_template
import sys
import requests
es = Elasticsearch(host='es')
app = Flask(__name__)
def load_data_in_es():
""" creates an index in elasticsearch """
url = ""
r = requests.get(url)
data = r.json()
print "Loading data in elasticsearch ..."
for id, truck in enumerate(data):
res = es.index(index="sfdata", doc_type="truck", id=id, body=truck)
print "Total trucks loaded: ", len(data)
def safe_check_index(index, retry=3):
""" connect to ES with retry """
if not retry:
print "Out of retries. Bailing out..."
status = es.indices.exists(index)
return status
except exceptions.ConnectionError as e:
print "Unable to connect to ES. Retrying in 5 secs..."
safe_check_index(index, retry-1)
def format_fooditems(string):
items = [x.strip().lower() for x in string.split(":")]
return items[1:] if items[0].find("cold truck") > -1 else items
def check_and_load_index():
""" checks if index exits and loads the data accordingly """
if not safe_check_index('sfdata'):
print "Index not found..."
### APP ###
def index():
return render_template('index.html')
def test_es():
resp = {}
msg =
resp["msg"] = msg
resp["status"] = "success"
resp["status"] = "failure"
resp["msg"] = "Unable to reach ES"
return jsonify(resp)
def search():
key = request.args.get('q')
if not key:
return jsonify({
"status": "failure",
"msg": "Please provide a query"
res =
"query": {"match": {"fooditems": key}},
"size": 750 # max document size
except Exception as e:
return jsonify({
"status": "failure",
"msg": "error in reaching elasticsearch"
# filtering results
vendors = set([x["_source"]["applicant"] for x in res["hits"]["hits"]])
temp = {v: [] for v in vendors}
fooditems = {v: "" for v in vendors}
for r in res["hits"]["hits"]:
applicant = r["_source"]["applicant"]
if "location" in r["_source"]:
truck = {
"hours" : r["_source"].get("dayshours", "NA"),
"schedule" : r["_source"].get("schedule", "NA"),
"address" : r["_source"].get("address", "NA"),
"location" : r["_source"]["location"]
fooditems[applicant] = r["_source"]["fooditems"]
# building up results
results = {"trucks": []}
for v in temp:
"name": v,
"fooditems": format_fooditems(fooditems[v]),
"branches": temp[v],
"drinks": fooditems[v].find("COLD TRUCK") > -1
hits = len(results["trucks"])
locations = sum([len(r["branches"]) for r in results["trucks"]])
return jsonify({
"trucks": results["trucks"],
"hits": hits,
"locations": locations,
"status": "success"
if __name__ == "__main__":
ENVIRONMENT_DEBUG = os.environ.get("DEBUG", False)
check_and_load_index()'', port=5000, debug=ENVIRONMENT_DEBUG)