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Get mp3 tracks from youtube videos
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Youtube downloader

A simple utility to download tracks from youtube as mp3.


  • node.js and npm

Set up

  • Clone the repo
  • Run npm install

Try it out

There are two scripts: get_download_link.js and download.js. They both accept data from stdin and write to stderr and stdout.


Accepts a query and returns links in the form http://downloadurl/<TAB>filename.mp3.

echo "Michael Buble - Sway" | scripts/get_download_link.js
=> http://downloadurl/asd   Sway (song).mp3

In the above example the script will output the download URL for the mp3, followed by a tab character, followed by the mp3 filename (taken from the title of the youtube video).

Alternatively you can pass in a youtube URL instead of the search query.

Extra parameters:

  • -p: Preserve original query as filename


Accepts a download request in the form http://downloadurl/<TAB>filename.mp3 (in the same form returned by get_download_link.js), and downloads it to the current directory (requires wget).

echo "http://server/dl123   sway.mp3" | scripts/download.js

In the above example, the script will run wget on the provided URL and will download the result to a file called sway.mp3 in the current directory.

Extra parameters:

  • -d /path/to/dir: Directory to download to (defaults to current directory)
  • --force: Overwrite the file even if it already exists.

More sample usage

echo "Michael Buble - Sway" | scripts/get_download_link.js -p | scripts/download.js -d ~/Music

The above example will find an mp3 download link of "Sway" by Michael Buble and download it to ~/Music with the filename Michael Buble - Sway.mp3 (from the query).

Run the tests

The tests are all integration tests so they will take a while to run, and require an internet connection.

To set up the tests you'll need to install nodeunit - sudo npm install -g nodeunit. Then run nodeunit test.

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