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Vali Admin


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Vali is a free, modular and easy to customize admin theme built using Bootstrap 4, SASS and Pug.js.

Getting started

Run a npm install command in project root directory to install and build dependencies. If you don't want to edit theme you can use the compiled files inside docs folder.

Use npm run dev command to watch and compile source files.

Use npm run build command to compile all source files.

Use npm run start command to start a development server using NodeJs.


  • The NodeJs server mentioned in npm run start command is for development purpose only. DONOT use it as a production server.


For more information about customizing theme colors please follow the official documentation.

RTL Support

Please follow the official documentation to enable RTL support.


Please take a look at contributing guidelines if you are considering contributing to the repository.



This project is licensed under the MIT License

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