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Organization's Contribution DashBoard : GitHub Data Challenge 3


Contributions activity Dashboard application for GitHub organizations


teamwork is inspired by Twitter's Open Source Dashboard : Twitter Open Source


  • you can have a look on screenshots of teamwork for GitHub organization (from Aug. 24, 2013 to Aug. 24, 2014)

  • organization contributions org

  • member contributions member

  • members leaderboard, according to number of contributions members

  • repository leaderboard, according to number of contributions repos

####current features

  • contribution calendar for entire organization (as GitHub provides per user)
  • leaderboard of organization members according to contributions
  • contribution calendar for a member in an organization
  • leaderboard of repositories according to number of commits

####How to setup

  • clone the repository git clone
  • use pip to install the denedencies sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  • copy config/teamwork.sample.json to config/teamwork.json and edit it.
  • copy config/bigquery.sample.json as config/bigquery.json and edit it see help section
  • setup rethinkdb see help section
  • crawl the data for organization using ./crawl
  • analyse the data for organization using ./scan
  • start application using python
  • it should start working on
  • setup cronjob (optional)
    • till synchronization using GitHub webhook API is being developed, cronjob can be used for daily change
    • if you are choosing to do this, setup ./crawl and ./scan on cron

####How teamwork works How



  • create a new project on Google Developer Console
  • BigQuery API will be ON by default for any new project.
  • Create a new Client ID for your project
    • go in API & Auth -> APIs section of project
    • select Service Account as Application Type
  • use generated JSON to edit your bigquery config.


  • you need to install RethinkDB to use teamwork
  • start the server
    • start RethinkDB server by running $ rethinkdb
  • to setup RethinkDB as a cluster on system startup


Organization's Contribution Dashboard : GitHub Data Challenge 3



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