A collection of fast, cheap, regex based pre-commit hooks.
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A collection of fast, cheap, regex based pre-commit hooks.

Adding to your .pre-commit-config.yaml

-   repo: https://github.com/pre-commit/pygrep-hooks
    rev: v1.2.0  # Use the ref you want to point at
    -   id: python-use-type-annotations
    # ...

Naming conventions

Where possible, these hooks will be prefixed with the file types they target. For example, a hook which targest python will be called python-....

Provided hooks

  • python-check-blanket-noqa: Enforce that noqa annotations always occur with specific codes
  • python-check-mock-methods: Prevent a common mistake of assert mck.not_called() or assert mck.called_once_with(...)
  • python-no-log-warn: A quick check for the deprecated .warn() method of python loggers
  • python-use-type-annotations: Enforce that python3.6+ type annotations are used instead of type comments
  • rst-backticks: Detect common mistake of using single backticks when writing rst