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Release version 3.16.0


New Feature

  • Codegen:
    • clusters can now be printed by using CodegenClusterTask
  • Apollo optimizations are now supported in Preesm and SPiDER
    • To activate it, Apollo flag must be set to true in the CodeGen workflow task
    • CMakeLists.txt of the application must be modified
  • Scheduling:
    • Mapping/scheduling task (pisdf-mapper.list) can now perform energy-aware mapping/scheduling (It will increase scheduling/mapping task time, as it tests several mappings)
    • The information is taken from energy tab in scenario and the optimization will consider the performance objective to search for the best PEs configuration
    • EnergyAwareness parameter will enable this optimization
    • EnergyAwarenessFirstConfig selects the starting point: First (as less PEs as possible), Max (all PEs), Middle (half amount of PEs of each type) and Random (random starting point)
    • EnergyAwarenessSearchType selects the type of searching done: Thorough (changes PEs number one by one) and halves (Divides in halves the remaining available PEs and goes up/down depending if the FPS reached are below/above the objective)


  • PiSDF:
    • PiGraph can be declared as a cluster. Hierarchy of cluster may be ignore by SR and DAG transformation;
    • Add operation to get the unique data port of a SrdagActor (init/end);
  • Change PiSDF task categories in task reference;
  • Clustering:
    • cluster are now mappable into component by retrieving common possible mapping of included actors
    • make code clearer for ClusteringBuilder
    • refactored the way of getting clusterizable couples
    • clusters now have timings
  • Schedule:
    • Readapt the way of exhibiting data parallelism and print expression
    • Add communication nodes
  • Refactor:
    • Fix major and critical sonar issues;

Bug fix

  • Fix #218: add support for non connected actors in SRDAG transform;
  • Fix #222: allow multiplicity in Codegen Call parameters;
  • Fix #226: avoid name conflict in graphml configuration;
  • Fix #227: enable Export SVG Diagram on any selected element;