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U2F Support Firefox Extension Build Status

This extension adds support for the U2F specification with Yubico devices to Firefox.

It can be used by accessing window.u2f object from content pages.

Install from

Build instructions

  1. cd c_src
  2. cmake
  3. make && make install
  4. cd ../ext
  5. jpm run

On OS X and Linux the u2f binary may lose its executable bit upon packaging XPI this way.

It's possible to make XPI file manually by executing cd ext; zip -9r ../u2f.xpi * or included bash script scripts/, this way permissions in final file will be correct.

Enabling U2f on Yubico Neo and Neo-n

Those two devices didn't have U2F enabled by default before November 2015. For the older models, it requires manual configuration changes described described in this document. If you've purchased one recently, you won't have to do anything.

Permissions tweaks for Linux

On Linux access to U2F devices may not be permitted to Firefox, installing extra udev rules may help in this situation.