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High-End customizable Splitting-App (Multiplatform)
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Currently the application is heavily under construction and building up a ground-work. Work is done on a private git-server and is synchronized to github (only the master branch). If you wish to contribute, contact one of the maintainers to get access to the git-server.

Splitterino is an open-source multi-platform applications for speedrunners (gaming-speedrunners) to time their runs with! It's greatly insprired from existing splitters like LiveSplit, but is build freshly from the ground up with customization in mind.

Splitterino is built untop Electron and Vue, using TypeScript as the language for a more reliable and stable application.


The application is still under heavy development and is therefore not workable just yet. We are working on an alpha release so that it can be used for experimentation.



If you want to try out Splitterino, then you can install some test versions from the GitHub Releases!


For package-management, yarn is the package-manager of choice for this project.

Install all packages via yarn and then serve the application via Electron.

yarn serve

Beware of possible zombie threads when the application is killed via Ctrl+C.


  • All changes may only be merged to master. Therefore create your features/fixes in dedicated branches
  • Format your code (via Prettier)
  • Organize the Imports (via TypeScript Hero)
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