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Built-In Modules

These modules are shipped as part of Premake, and may be used out of the box with any source or binary package.

  • Android : Android support
  • CodeLite : CodeLite support
  • D : D programming language support
  • gmake : Makefile generator (deprecated by gmake2)
  • gmake2 : Makefile generator
  • Raw : Generate raw representation of Premake structures
  • Visual Studio : Visual Studio (2005 - 2019) support
  • XCode : XCode support

Third-Party Modules

These add-on modules are available from other developers; follow the links for more information. If you've developed a module you would like to share with others, feel free to add a link to the list!

IDE Modules

Platform Modules

Build System Modules

Tool Modules

Library Modules

  • Qt : Qt support
  • qmake : Generator for Qt's build tool qmake
  • WIX : Premake extension to support WIX project files on Visual Studio
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