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Release Checklist

Sosuke Suzuki edited this page Sep 9, 2021 · 22 revisions
  • prepare
    • Complete milestone items
    • Run on other projects to check for regressions
    • Write release notes
      • use node scripts/draft-blog-post.mjs to generate a blog post draft (a file named in website/blog) from changelog_unreleased
      • prs-merged-since (readme) may be useful
  • publish
  • postpublish
    • Merge release notes
    • Wait for release notes to deploy
    • Clean changelog_unreleased
      • use node scripts/clean-changelog-unreleased.mjs
    • Tweet from @PrettierCode account via TweetDeck
    • Close milestone
    • Send schema PR generated by node scripts/generate-schema.mjs to SchemaStore if we added a new option.
    • Update the release checklist with possible changes

Then monitor Twitter/GitHub for any immediate issues 😄