A jekyll liquid plugin that makes including svg Octicons simple.
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Octicons jekyll tag

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A liquid jekyll tag that injects Octicon svg into the page

This jekyll liquid tag, is a plugin that will let you easily include svg octicons in your jekyll sites.


  1. Add this to your Gemfile

    gem 'jekyll-octicons'
  2. Add this to your jekyll _config.yml

      - jekyll-octicons
  3. Use this tag in your jekyll templates

    {% octicon alert height:32 class:"right left" aria-label:hi %}

The minimum CSS you'll need in your jekyll site is in the octicons repository. You can also npm install that package and include build/octicons.css in your styles.


For a full list of options available, see the octicons_gem documentation


If you have access to publish this repository, these are the steps to publishing. If you need access, contact #design-systems.

Before publishing This repository relies on the data from octicons_gem. To update to the most recent version, you'll need to run npm run update

  1. Update the CHANGELOG.md with relevant version number and any updates made to the repository.
  2. Update the version in version.rb using the relevant version. The versioning is semver, so version appropriately based on what has changed.
  3. npm version <newversion> Use the same version that you added in step 2.
  4. npm run ship This will build the gem and publish it to rubygems.
  5. git push && git push --tags Push all these changes to origin.


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Font License: SIL OFL 1.1
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