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Primer3Plus is a webinterface for Primer3

It requires the primer3, PERL and Apache.

Perl requires the module archive-zip from Adam Kennedy by calling (on Debian): aptitude install libarchive-zip-perl

It should run unaltered on windows and linux systems if you checkout from GitHub: git clone primer3plus

To install copy the folder in the cgi-folder. Obtain a copy of Primer3 and install it into this folder. Adjust the settings in to match your configuration.

To set the proper rights on linux call on commandline: ./

Genome browser support needs a folder to store downloadable file:

  • create folder genBro in the pages section.
  • update the settingsfile to this path and also to have the correct html path
  • do: chmod g+w geneBro chgrp www-data geneBro

Problems you may encounter: If you run encounter problems, please check the newlines to get them right for your platform (unix2dos).

Please check carefully the executable and writing rights:

  • All cgi-scripts should be executable by the webserver user. chmod a+x *.cgi
  • This user should have write access to all subfolders.
  • All subfolders should be writable/readable by the cgi-skripts and the primer3_core executable.

Install Version 3.0.0


Primer3Plus is a webinterface for Primer3


Primer3Plus requires Primer3, please intall first:

Install a local copy for testing

git clone

cd primer3plus

Setup and run the server

The server runs in a terminal

Install the dependencies:

sudo apt install python python-pip

pip install flask flask_cors

Start the server:

cd PATH_TO_PRIMER3PLUS/primer3plus


echo $PATH

python server/

Setup and run the client

The client requires a different terminal

Install the dependencies:

cd PATH_TO_PRIMER3PLUS/primer3plus/client

sudo apt install npm

npm install

Start the client:

cd PATH_TO_PRIMER3PLUS/primer3plus/client

npm run dev