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A proof of concept for G5K subnet reservation
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Grid'5000 subnet reservation

This is a small Sinatra web service allowing to reserve subnets on Grid'5000 in the IP range dedicated to virtualization usage.

User interface

A RESTful API is available to do a reservation of a /24 subnet. Subnet reservations must be associated with a job in the running state.

To get a new subnet associated with the job 123456 in Rennes, do a HTTP POST request at the following URL:


If a subnet is available, the response has a status code of 200, and the body contains the name of the subnet, followed by a LF symbol (to ease use of the result from shell scripts). The above POST request would give a result such as:

When all subnets are reserved, the response has a status code of 404.

Each subnet reservation creates a new HTTP resource, that can be retrieved with a GET at an URL like this:


This returns a list of all IPs in the subnet, ended by a new line.

Reservations are automatically removed when a job is terminated. However, it is also possible to remove reservations manually with a DELETE request. In the previous example, send a HTTP DELETE request at the following URL:




$ SITE='rennes'
$ JOB='123456'
$ SUBNET=`curl -f -d '' -f http://localhost:9292/sites/$SITE/jobs/$JOB/subnets` # Reserves a subnet
$ curl -f http://localhost:9292/sites/$SITE/jobs/$JOB/subnets/$SUBNET # Gets all IPs

$ curl -X DELETE -f http://localhost:9292/sites/$SITE/jobs/$JOB/subnets # Cancels the reservation

Ruby REST Client

site = 'rennes'
job = 123456
base_ip = "http://localhost:9292/sites/#{site}/jobs/#{job}/subnets", {} # Reserves a subnet
base_ip.chomp! # To remove the new line at the end
RestClient.get "http://localhost:9292/sites/#{site}/jobs/#{job}/subnets/#{base_ip}" # Gets all IPs
RestClient.delete "http://localhost:9292/sites/#{site}/jobs/#{job}/subnets" # Cancels the reservation


The dependencies of this service are described using Bundler (

First, install Bundler:

$ gem install bundler

Then, install the dependencies

$ bundle install

This service depends on a Redis server running on localhost:6379 (tested with version 2.0.1):

$ redis-server

Finally, start the service:

$ rackup


  • Allow to unregister only one subnet and not all subnets associated with a job
  • Add JSON support in responses to make the API easier to use from Ruby, plain text being best for curl
  • Allow to specify the Redis server address (probably in
  • Add an authentification layer (ident/basic auth) to make sure subnet reservation is associated with a job owned by the user
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