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Vivid Photo: Clean One Page Portfolio Template

Vivid Photo is a modern and Elegant Photography Website Template. It is cross browser compatible and created to suit needs of photographers. The template is made using HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 with no external fonts, HTML5 Contact Form and a lot more stuff for various functionalities. You are free to use it for your personal as well as commercial projects.

Release Page at

Adding Gallery Items

To add items to the gallery (bottom thumbnail strip) simply add an image with a syntax like

<div class="content">
		<a href="1.jpg"><img src="1_thumb.jpg" title=" Title" alt="Alt" class="thumb" /></a>

where 1.jpg is the path of full size Image. 

And 1_thumb.jpg is the path of the thumbnail, make sure the thumbnails are of the dimensions 207 x 138 or the same height. 

Changing Content Area Text

Doing this is fairly easy, just change the content within the paragraphs and headings within the <article> element. 


The template uses the font "Myriad Pro" and  "Century Gothic"