Common IRMA functionality: a.o. issuance and verification of attributes, irma_configuration parsing, protocol messages
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IRMA API common

This library contains the basic functionality of IRMA, in particular:

  • Parsing irma_configuration folders, containing scheme manager files (i.e., descriptions of scheme managers, issuers, and credential types, as well as Idemix public and possibly private keys; demo example).
  • Our Idemix implementation, handling the cryptographic details of issuing and verification of attributes.
  • Parsing and writing IRMA metadata attributes. Together with the credential and issuer descriptions from the irma_configuration folder, these give meaning to the bare Idemix attributes.
  • Classes whose instances when JSON-serialized serve as the messages in the IRMA protocol.

For example, this library is used in irma_api_server, which issues and verifies IRMA attributes, and irma_keyshare_server, which verifies user PIN codes.

When compared to our Go codebase, this library roughly corresponds to gabi and the irma package of irmago.

Important classes

  • DescriptionStore gives access to the parsed irma_configuration files, except for the Idemix public and private keys.
  • IdemixKeyStore gives access to Idemix public and private keys from the irma_configuration folder.
  • Attributes gives access to the contents of the metadata attribute, as well as the other attributes of a credential instance.
  • IdemixCredential represent Idemix credential instances and can be used to create IRMA disclosure proofs.

Building using Gradle

Install gradle if you don't already have it, and run

gradle install

to install the library to your local repository. Alternatively, you can run

gradle build

to just build the library.

Running unit tests

In order to use the included unit tests, use

gradle test

Eclipse development files

You can run

gradle eclipse

to create the required files for importing the project into Eclipse.

Deprecated libraries

This library contains all of the classes from the now deprecated libraries credentials_api and credentials_idemix, which can still be seen here and here respectively.