🛡️ encryption against global mass surveillance
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Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance.


It's important for a website like privacytools.io to be up-to-date. Keep an eye on software updates of the applications listed here. Follow recent news about providers that are recommended. We try our best to keep up but we're not perfect and the internet is changing fast. So if you find an error, or you think a provider should not be listed here, or a qualified service provider is missing or a browser plugin is not the best choice anymore or anything else...

Talk to us please. Join our subreddit and start a discussion. This is a community project and we're aiming to deliver the best information available for a better privacy. We are also using /r/privacy. Thank you for participating.

You can submit your suggestions here on GitHub (Issues) and also in our subreddit. Thank you.

Contributing Guidelines

Please read this before contributing.


  • Be nice and respectful.
  • English only.
  • Be constructive.

Quality over Quantity

We're trying to keep it simple and promote the best tools, not all of them. Maximum are three software choices, but it's possible to add more under "Worth Mentioning" headlines. (example)

Software Criteria

  • Open Source
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy to use
  • Privacy respecting

There can be exceptions if no software is available that meet the criteria.


  • Provider logos should be exactly 200 x 70 (example)
  • Tool logos should be exactly 120 x 120 (example)

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