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Privly is a developing set of browser extensions, mobile and web applications for usable internet content privacy. It allows users to view content on any website, without the host site being able to read the content. The Privly extensions support "Injectable Applications" (also known as Privly Applications), which are web applications viewed within the context of other web applications. These applications can be any web application, but they are generally oriented to supporting a privacy use case.

For more information on what Privly is, read about us.

About this repository

This repository maintains the Android Application of Privly. The application currently integrates the two injectable privly-applications - PlainPost and ZeroBin for creating new Privly Posts.

Developer Info

To contribute to the development of Privly-Android.

  • Fork and Clone
  • Update submodules.
  • $ git submodule init
  • $ git submodule update
  • Contribute

Facebook Setup
Twitter Setup
[Gmail Setup] (

Testing/Submitting Bugs

If you have discovered a bug, only open a public issue on GitHub if it could not possibly be a security related bug. If the bug affects the security of the system, please report it privately at We will then fix the bug and follow a process of responsible disclosure.

Contact Us

Community [the 'at' sign]

IRC: #privly