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Tools for writing papers
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Scripts and LaTeX files for assistance in writing papers.


  • Given a list of arXiv IDs, retrieve BibTex records for those from NASA ADS
  • Search a bibtex file and query ADS to update arXiv records w/ published references
  • Convert long-form journal names into the ApJ short form requivalents. (IN PROGRESS)
  • Run through the final manuscript checks (spelling, complete sentences).
  • Figure out which macros to copy from privon_astro.sty into a manuscript for self-contained submission
  • privon_astro.sty A collection of macros for LaTeX documents
  • Simple checking for the existence of sentence-ending punctuation at the end of lines in LaTeX files, to catch incomplete sentences.
  • Compute the Flesch–Kincaid readability tests on a given text. Requires the textstat python module.
  • Combine multiple pdfs into a single file. (Useful for proposals which lack TeX templates). tries to run proselint, so install that if you would like writing commentary.

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