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Pavlova dispatcher

Given the multitude and variability of online radio receivers, the pavlova dispatcher finds an available receiver slot in the desired area, based on live probing, and redirects your web browser to it, for your listening pleasure.

For now it is mainly aimed to support instances of the KiwiSDR receiver network, given their main limitation of 4 user slots maximum. The live probing of available receivers is performed in client-side javascript in your web browser.


There is a pavlova instance hosted at It accepts two parameters: the area code, and the tuning string. The tuning string is optional. For example:

The URL format is pretty flexible, so works too or even could be supported, although the preferred way is using a URL fragment (the #-part), because it doesn't need to be sent to the server.

"Pavlova" ?

Pavlova dessert with kiwi slices

This dispatcher is named after the pavlova dessert and draws a bridge between the KiwiSDR project and


Hosting your own instance of pavlova dispatcher is very easy: you just need to clone, link and/or copy the files, and serve them as static content over HTTP. You can also use your personal local version instead. You can fully customize your receivers list and dispatching rules, just edit the configuration file. Optionally, you can add extra matching rules to the configuration of your web server to support advanced URL formats.


If you want to give us feedback about a particular KiwiSDR receiver which you think provides a great reception and deserves a better place, don't hesitate! You can also suggest support for a new area group if you have a use for it.

We think the project could use a little, simple HTML GUI to provide a smoother experience than raw javascript. If you want to help us with this, it's welcome!

Contact us on the chat on or on twitter, @priyom_org.


Pavlova dispatcher based on live availability of KiwiSDR receivers




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