A highly configurable tool to check for whatever you like against any number of hosts.
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Inception is a highly configurable tool to check for whatever you like against any number of hosts.

This tool comes handy for bugbounty hunters who want to check for specific endpoint on large number of hosts and report if the endpoint contains certain string in response.

Inception is a Go version of Snallygaster and comes with a large number of test cases derived from Snallygaster plus more, added by me.

Default test cases includes: test for publicly accesible git config file, .env file, magento config file, php info file, server stats page, Rails and Symfony database config files, CORS Misconfiguration check, basic XSS check at web root and few others.

What differentiate Inception from Snallygaster is - it allows users to create & provide their own test cases without touching a single line of code.

The use of goroutine makes it very fast but it doesn't hammer a single domain concurrently with a large number of requests.


Just make sure you have go installed and run the following command.

go get github.com/proabiral/inception


go get -u github.com/proabiral/inception


▶️  inception -h
    Usage of inception:
      -d string
          Path of list of domains to run against (default "/home/user/go/src/github.com/proabiral/inception/domains.txt")
      -provider string
          Path of provider file (default "/home/user/go/src/github.com/proabiral/inception/provider.json")
      -t int
          No of threads (default 200)
    	Only prints when issue detected
      -timeout int
          HTTP request Timeout (default 10)
      -v Verbose mode


▶️ inception -d /path/to/domainlist.txt
Issue detected : Server status is publicly viewable response contains all check
Issue detected : PHP info is publicly viewable response contains all check

All detected issues will be printed on screen as shown above. While if no issue is detected, a completion message is shown as Completed.
Note: If error like provider.json: no such file or directory is thrown, provide the path of provider.json {default one located at your-gopath/src/github.com/proabiral/inception/provider.json} file with -provider option.


Q. How should my domain list look like?
A sample of domain list is provided with the tool. It's basically a list of line seperated domains without no protocol.


Q. How do I add my own test cases?
You can use providerCreate.html to generate JSON. Just fill in the details and JSON as shown below will be generated.

      "vulnerability":"Git Exposed publicly",
      "vulnerability": "XSS",
      "sendIn": "url",
      "color": "red",
      "payload": [
          "/?canary'\"><svg onload=alert(1)>"
      "checkIn": "responseBody",
      "checkFor": "<svg onload=alert(1)>"

Save the generated JSON to some file and then run the tool by providing the path to the json file with -provider option:

▶️  inception -provider /path/to/your/provider.json -d /path/to/your/domainlist.txt

Q. Whats with the name?
The name of tool is inspired from the movie Inception where DiCaprio steals secrets from subconscious mind of people. Similar to movie, this tool steal secrets from webserver.
Also, inception because this is the first tool I am open sourcing.


  1. Add more vulnerability checks
  2. Implement ReGex search in Response
  3. Add key to each test case in provider.json and option to select/ignore a test case
  4. Output result to file
  5. Randomize User-Agent
  6. Code refactor


Thanks to Iceman for reviewing the tool and suggesting this cool name. Also concurrency module has been shamelessly stolen from his Subover project