Utilities for working with SQLite databases in AIR
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The air-sqlite project is a set of utility classes to make it easier to work with SQLite databases using Adobe AIR while following good practices for performance.

Reference documentation is available here: air-sqlite language reference "asdocs"

For more information about the design philosophy see the project page here: air-sqlite project page

The primary utility is the SQLRunner class, which provides a way to execute SQL statements. The statements are executed using a pool of database connections so SELECT statements are executed at the same time (as long as database connections are available in the pool).

SELECT example

Here is a basic usage example for a SELECT statement, which uses the SQLRunner.execute() method:

// setup code:
// define database file location
var dbFile:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("myDatabase.db");
// create the SQLRunner
var sqlRunner:SQLRunner = new SQLRunner(dbFile);

// ...

// run the statement, passing in one parameter (":employeeId" in the SQL)
// the statement returns an Employee object as defined in the 4th parameter
sqlRunner.execute(LOAD_EMPLOYEE_SQL, {employeeId:102}, resultHandler, Employee);

private function resultHandler(result:SQLResult):void
	var employee:Employee = result.data[0];
	// do something with the employee data

// constant for actual SQL statement text
[Embed(source="sql/LoadEmployee.sql", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
private static const LoadEmployeeStatementText:Class;
private static const LOAD_EMPLOYEE_SQL:String = new LoadEmployeeStatementText();

The SQL statement for this example is as follows:

SELECT firstName,
FROM main.employees
WHERE employeeId = :employeeId


Here is a basic example for an INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statement. To execute those statements use the executeModify() method. The executeModify() method accepts a "batch" of statements (a Vector of QueuedStatement objects). If you pass more than one statement together in a batch, the batch executes as a single transaction.

var insert:QueuedStatement = new QueuedStatement(INSERT_EMPLOYEE_SQL, {firstName:"John", lastName:"Smith"});
var update:QueuedStatement = new QueuedStatement(UPDATE_EMPLOYEE_SALARY_SQL, {employeeId:100, salary:1000});
var statementBatch:Vector.<QueuedStatement> = Vector.<QueuedStatement>([insert, update]);

sqlRunner.executeModify(statementBatch, resultHandler, errorHandler, progressHandler);

private function resultHandler(results:Vector.<SQLResult>):void
	// all operations done

private function errorHandler(error:SQLError):void
	// something went wrong

private function progressHandler(numStepsComplete:uint, totalSteps:uint):void
	var progressPercent:int = numStepsComplete / totalSteps;

// constants for actual SQL statement text
[Embed(source="sql/InsertEmployee.sql", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
private static const InsertEmployeeStatementText:Class;
private static const INSERT_EMPLOYEE_SQL:String = new InsertEmployeeStatementText();

[Embed(source="sql/UpdateEmployeeSalary.sql", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
private static const UpdateEmployeeSalaryStatementText:Class;
private static const UPDATE_EMPLOYEE_SALARY_SQL:String = new UpdateEmployeeSalaryStatementText();