SQLResult.data == null when swf-version > 15 #12

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I'm building my project with AIR 3.4 to test some of the upcoming features. All of a sudden the success handlers got called but the result.data was null. For the new features to be activated, the swf version has to be 17. But setting the swf-version on anything higher then 15, it will break and pass null. No fault handlers or whatever is called.

For testing purposes, I checked out your Address Book example application and it will run fine with AIR 3.4 / swf-version 17 (well, the database part, the code needed some minor fixes to be able to compile).
I currently don't have any other project to test it on, so if your tests pass correctly, it might be completely possible I have a bug somewhere appearing in newer swf versions...


probertson commented Jul 31, 2012

Thanks for reporting this Joeri -- I haven't personally used the library on anything newer than AIR 3.0 or so. I'll try this out and see what I can figure out.

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